Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Burger Shoppe: A middling showing.

There’s a lot that’s good about The Burger Shoppe’s poutine offering. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot that isn’t very good.

In the first category: cheese. Delicious, classic, squeaky cheese that holds both shape and flavour even after a short walk home with take-out. And cheese in sufficient quantity to ensure that even the last bite ends with that resounding squeak. Perfect.

Also great? Composition. Enough gravy to coat each and every French fry. A nicely layered dish. And a huge portion (good for sharing, especially if you’re pairing with a burger) – all for less than $5.

Not so great? Dramatically undercooked fries. A word to the wise: squeaky cheese? Good. Squeaky fries? Not so much.

And while the consistency – and even the colour – of the gravy is lovely, the flavour isn’t quite right. It’s trying too hard. And with a good poutine, each element should work in harmony, not in competition

There's a life lesson for you. From the bottom of a poutine dish. How about that.

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