Monday, October 5, 2009

Love in the Food Court

I’m a poutine lover. An afficianado. A fanatic. But I’m no snob. I know that good poutine can be found anywhere. Like the mall.

Enter New York Fries – and the myriad of reasons you should love this food court mainstay.

Did you know that there is not a single New York Fries location in New York? Or in the United States, in fact. New York Fries is, in fact, a proudly Canadian company (although I’m not sure Bratford, Ontaro is known as a bastion of poutine gastronomy…).

How about the fact that this is a company that knows what they do well and stick to it? When they wanted to diversify, NYF launched an entirely new brand rather than muddy the menu at their core chain (hear that, Pizza Hut?). According to their website, “focusing on one product allows New York Fries to be the "fry specialist", and making perfect fries every time is why our customers continue to come back to our store.” Damn straight, New York Fries.

Plus, how can you not adore a company that refuses to take itself too seriously. Enter Gary Coleman stage right.

And finally, this is a company that makes a really, really good poutine. Crispy fries. A delicious, dark gravy that’s thick enough to stick to the potato, but not so thick that it congeals on top of the serving. And a generous serving of curds (although be warned that this is not your Quebec grandmother’s squeaky cheese – by the end of the bucket, the cheese is melted). Well worth a trip to the mall.

New! A formal rating system to try and bring some order to these reviews...

Fries: 4 / 5

Gravy: 5 / 5

Cheese: 3 / 5

TOTAL: 12 / 15

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  1. I know you just started this blog but c'mon! More thorough reviews and photos neccessary!

    I'll help on the veg side of things. Us veggies also love poutine eh?!